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שירותי OH CURL

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Trained in Los Angeles since 2013, Breanna Stein moved to Tel Aviv, the curly capital of the world, in 2018. 

Since then, she's built a community whose goal is to encourage people to embrace their curly hair with confidence. Her newest and most exciting venture yet, OH CURL Salon, is dedicated to ensuring all people feel welcome, confident, and pampered.

Breanna is an amazing stylist. I really appreciated that she sat with me for a good amount of time discussing what I wanted and explaining her approach. I loved the cut (100% the best haircut I've gotten in Israel). She really took the time to show me how to style my curly hair and recommend products (which I appreciated as a recent Olah). Highly recommend for curly hair girls, especially if you're feeling uninspired by your hair and want a hair reboot.

Lior Peretz, Tel Aviv


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שלמה אבן גבירול 179, תל אביב  \ 0טל: 53-272-7422

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